WLB Blacksmith Shop

This shop is based on faith and solid hard work, with the belief that if you put your heart and soul into the power of the hammer it will flow into the hot metal and the outcome will be success to the customer for whom the work is meant for.

Robert Schleeve, who believes in me and took the time to teach me the art and skill of using a hammer and anvil to be more than I ever thought possible. My mentor, teacher, and friend.

Carl Madsen, who helped me understand how dreams can come true, from all his talks, drawings on feed bags and selling me his forge and tools for little of nothing. May he be pleased from his view in heaven.

Kenny Bienfang, “Mr. Iowa” and my uncle, for always being there to listen, guide, encourage, and starting the teaching about the art of welding along with providing the resources, equipment and books for me to begin the understanding of metal and steel. Your memory lives on in each new challenge the shop brings me.

Through God all these gifts are blessed to us.