WLB Blacksmith Shop

Our shop is rooted in faith, built on a foundation of hard work, and guided by the belief that when we put our hearts and souls into every strike of the hammer, the energy flows into the metal and creates something truly special for our customers. It is this dedication that ensures success in every piece we craft.

 I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from so many skilled and dedicated men throughout my career. Though they have passed, their memory and teachings live on through my work.  I often find myself seeking guidance from them, even in their absence.  In honor of these men, I proudly acknowledge their names and express my gratitude for all they have imparted to me – their skills, wisdom, encouragement, and friendship.  Their influence has not only made me a better blacksmith, but a better man.  May they rest in peace in the presence of God.   

Robert Schleeve, Carl Madsen, Kenny Bienfang (Mr. Iowa), Bob Warner, Brian Johnson, & Harold Bienfang

Through God all these gifts are blessed to us.