WLB Blacksmith Shop

Our pieces are created in a fully functional blacksmith shop, steeped in the tradition of the craft. We use and restore antique equipment, and of course, the hammer and anvil are an integral part of our work. Little Giant trip hammers, Vulcan anvils, and Brent Bailey’s hammers are just a few of the tools featured in our shop and can be viewed in our Tools Photo Gallery.  Photos of the shop below show a glimpse of the shop from within, and how far the shop has come over the years. The work of our shop also requires pick up and delivery of material so if you are in the area, keep an eye out for our Shop Truck.

This shop is the product of many dreams, hours of practice with hammers, learning to control the fire of the forge, and the wisdom of the mentors before us. Please take a moment to read the Dedication of the Blacksmith Shop to truly understand how the shop came to be, and the legacy we hope to carry on in our work.

Our shop away from home is located on the Pioneer Power grounds. We enjoy participating each year and sharing our love of blacksmithing with the public. Come join us to see our blacksmiths in action. Photos from years past are available in our Pioneer Power Gallery.