WLB Blacksmith Shop

The Mark of the Maker, by Tom Hegg, has been an inspiration for both my work and my makers mark, pictured here and found on nearly every piece from my shop.

Hegg tells the biblical story of Joseph as the apprentice carpenter. The lessons from his father are not understood at first. It’s only as Joseph matures, learns his craft, and then is given the remarkable experience of becoming the earthly father of Jesus, that the lessons finally make sense. As Joseph gazes at the manger that holds the Christ child, it all becomes clear.

I am so blessed to be able to read books to my three beautiful granddaughters. One of the books I read to them has a very good message for us who work to follow our dreams. The book “The Hatmakers’s Sign” a story by Benjamin Franklin is one of those powerful books.  As the story is told the reader becomes aware of the struggle the hat maker is facing trying to have a sign made to advertise his business. Everyone is quick to tell the hat maker his words for the sign are written wrong. In the end the meaning of the story becomes very clear.  The one who dreams and puts forth the effort should follow their own passion in their soul.  I connect with this story and may you find it meaningful for your self.