WLB Blacksmith Shop

I am so blessed to have the support of my family in my endeavors with the blacksmith shop.  I would be lost without them if I did not have their encouragement and the work that they offer.  My daughter, Amber Jae, handles the website and Facebook parts of the business. My skills are swinging the hammer, so surrounding myself with talented people like Amber Jae and photographers like Andrea Mae Photography, they can bring the work of my shop to you through the website and Facebook.  What a blessing supportive people are.

Amber Jae Bienfang 

My daughter Amber Jae grew up around the blacksmith shop. She has run the Pioneer Power shop counter since she was a very little girl, which has become a family tradition. She knows the language of blacksmithing and understands the time and effort that is involved in completing projects, so it seems only fitting that she be the voice sharing these moments with you through the website and Facebook.